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 Systems Integration

Systems that share business processes but donot have automated handshakes for data exchange introduce manual inventions that cause delays and sometimes errors. Systems Integration helps aleviate some of this problems.

A Business Case for Systems Integration

  • Delayed processes due to manual system handshakes.
  • Process errors due to manual data movement and procedures.
  • Inflexibility due to manual steps.
  • Spagetti System Interconnections (Point-to-Point),making it difficult to troubleshoot business processes, introduce process changes and adapt to a changing business environment.
  • Need to cut business process execution time and consequently costs.
  • Need to provide and environment for Business Process Management.

Our Solution

  • Integration strategy and road map from current to target state.
  • Project planning and implementation.
  • Evaluate and prioritize projects.
  • Systems integration using robust technology Biztalk 2010, integrate modern and legacy systems.