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 Business Solutions

At IZONE we view technology as a business enabler. Technology on its own,when not contextualized in a business scenario, is simply technology. As such we listen to our customers and understand their challenges from a business perspective. It is only then that we recommend a solution(s) that addresses a customer's need(s). We endeavour to future proof our solutions so that our customers can utilize them for the longest period of time.

 Enterprise Content Management

Today, almost all enterprises are experiencing the information explosion challenge. Data both structured and unstructures is being churned out by various business systems and processes in large quantities. This information vital in making critical and strategic decisions. In other organizations, strigent requirements in terms of compliance have to met from a regulators point of view. To govern this ever growing chasm of information, Enterprise Content Managements Systems come into play.

Again, for enterprises to thrive in the competitive market place, employees need to work efficiently, collaboratively and in engaging ways. The collective team effort is able to deliver the necessary results to keep enterprises in business. For employees to work collaboratively and in creative ways, IZONE provides solutions running on Microsoft SharePoint 2010

 Business Intelligence

With Business Intelligence, organizations can turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into plans that drive profitable business actions. Organizations continue to turn to BI as a vital tool for a smarter, more agile and optimized business.

We use the industry leading business intelligence platform from Microsoft. Our BI solution consist of SharePoint 2010, Office 2010/2007, Sql Server 2008R2, Oracle and or Tableau Business Intelligence Solution. Our BI implementation methodology follows the industry best practise and is visible and predictable to the customer. Our methodology has tangible deliverables at every step giving customer early benefits and confidence in the ultimate success of the project.

We have experts who have implemented BI in the banking and insurance industry. We have BI solutions for each and every industry including Banking, Insurance, Health and Retail.

 Master Data Management

As organization grow and continue to invest in business systems, some problems such as data duplication and inconsistencies arise especially on the key data entities such as customers, suppliers and product offerings. This problems makes it difficult in data analysis and decision making. To combat this problem master data solutions have arisen. We use a single platform for BI and Master Data. The reduces the total cost of ownership for the customer. We use SQL Server 2008R2 for Master Data Management.


The institutional memory of an organization exists in its processes, systems, data and people. This memory serves as the basis of decisions made by an organization. Data is now recognized as the currency of the knowlegde economy. What a organization knows about itself, competition and environment becomes a vital competitive edge.

To manage all data that is produced by transactional systems, business processes and external content, in order the expose it for exploitation using Business Intelligence tools, a data warehouse is necessary. At IZONE we have adequate competences to build datawarehouses scales to tens of terabytes. For specific functions we build datamart with subject specific data. We develop datawarehouses using Oracle 11g and SQL Server 2008R2.

 Data Mining

Data mining provides organizations with the ability to obtain insights hetherto unknown, extract patterns and conclusions that cannot be humanly derived due to the shear complexity and volume of data.

We use machine learning algorithms ,that can tolerate noise, against data resident in datawarehouses and data marts to provide organizations with such benefits. Organizations can move from being reactive to pro-active using the predictive analytical solutions we provide. We present the information using intuitive and esy to use tools such as SQL Server 2008R2, SharePoint 2010 and Excel 2010/2007.

 Unified Communications

VOIP became a game changer in the telecom world. It disrupted the model of telcoms business by providing communications over the Internet Protocol. The technology has matured to the extent is now a fundamental component of communication in the modern enterprise. Unified communications encompasses VOIP, enterprise messaging, business process and collaboration platforms to provide a unified experience. Unified communications provide organizations with reduced communication cost, better customer service experiences, richer and enhanced collaborative experiences for employees. This leads to increased productivity from employees and lowered costs operationally.

At IZONE we integrated unified communications with Business Systems to provide seamless experiences for customers and Employees. We use industry leading platform from Microsoft and Diguim namely Lync 2010 and Asterisks.

 Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation provides organizations with the benefits of reducing the business process time, reduce operational costs, reduce operational complexities, enhance business agility, increased efficiency and provide repeatable and predictable outcomes. The gives an organization the much need assurance in business continuity plans.

We are able to provide end-to-end automated business processes complete with electronic signatures. The enables organizations realize the dream of paperless offices. Our platform comprises of SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, Biztalk 2010, Infopath and or 3rd party workflow software.

 Software Solutions

One of our major competences is software development. We have a reliable team of software developers that can build reliable and scalable software solutions in the banking, insurance and health sectors. We have introduced mobility solutions that can extend your existing platforms to GSM, CDMA and PSTN telcommunication networks. We use PHP, Microsoft C# and Java as the development languages and Oracle or Sql Server as the database backend.

 Systems Integration

To realise Business Process Automation, we provide systems integration solutions that can interconnect disparate systems using Enterprise Services Buses based on industry standard technologies that include Web Services using REST or SOAP protocols among others. Our multi protocol platform based on Biztalk 2010 can interconnect system based on the widest variety of protocols. This seamless experience reduces costs, minimizes data duplication, saves time and increases efficiency.