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A datawarehouse represents the institutional memory of an organization. A good datawarehose is a perfect source of historical information. This information can be used as a single source of truth and be used in making decisions that affect the present and future directions of an enterprise.

A Business Case for Datawarehousing

  • Data archival for transactional systems. Transactional systems often purge transactional data. This data is usually required for analytical functions.
  • Single version of truth accross the enterprise.
  • Reporting and querying accross multiple systems to provide a consolidated view of the enterprise.
  • Support a Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence initiative.
  • Support a datamining business initiative.

Our Solution

  • Business Oriented approach to building datawarehouse.
  • Models based on industry standard domain specific schemas.
  • Scales easily from gigabytes to terabytes.
  • Ultra fast storage.
  • Built on technology from market leaders i.e. Oracle and Microsoft.