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 About Us

IZONE is an information technology company that specializes in the provisioning of holistic IT solutions to its clientele.

IZONE boasts of a unique skill set in its workforce, board and management. The company’s staff, management and board are graduates of Information Technology, Computer Science and have professional qualifications in Business and Finance from internationally recognized institution. In the area of finance we have members of staff that are at advanced stages in their pursuit of qualifications in finance through the ACCA qualification. Additionally, some of our staff members have qualifications in CCNA and Oracle.

IZONE has a broad range of expertize in the insurance, banking, telecommunications and financial services industry. We provide both software and infrastructure as part the solution. We do offer consultancy services to ensure the customer understands both the technology and the right solution to the problem at hand. We go the extra mile to future proof our solutions with the benefit that our customers get the most out of their IT investments for the longest time possible. Our company has wide interests in the areas of telecommunications, banking, business intelligence, insurance, health care and capital markets. IZONE limited is finalizing the development of a number of industry standard software, in the mentioned domains, that are key to our long term strategy.

We have a very strong and very competent workforce in IT with our experts having a minimum of a degree in information technology and computer science. Our administrative members of staff have a minimum of a university degree and additionally, professional qualifications such as ACCA. Some of our experts have receive specialized IT training both locally and oversees.

Our experts have a broad range of software development, software customization; IT projects implementation and management skills. They have developed software solutions for the insurance, telecommunication and financial industry.

We utilize the latest and most stable technology in our work. In all cases we utilize the right technology, not necessarily the latest, for the right job. In software development, our keys strengths are:-

  • Ability to develop reliable and scalable web based software.
  • Use of proven agile software development process that guarantees a transparent software development approach with the customer participating in each and every step. The process we use has the added advantage of producing usable software iteratively in a relatively short time. Our time proven software development methodology is ICONIX (
  • We have programmers with development experience of between 3 – 7 years.
  • Ability to architecture software with proven industry patterns. We utilize MVC and application tiers in our architectures.
  • Our experts have developed software that process millions of records per day 24/7 in the telecommunications and banking industry.
  • Tested skill base in software requirement analysis and documentation.
  • Software project scoping.

IZONE strives in the use of international standards in IT delivery. We have adopted best of breed software and database development tools and techniques that are recognized internationally. We are convinced beyond doubt that we have the competence and capacity to undertake large scale software projects.