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 Our Services

Our services are customer oriented, friendly and affordable. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers get value for their money. At IZONE, we over emphasis the delivery of quality services at all times. We are derive great satisfaction when our customers are happy with our services.

 Managed Support Services

IZONE can make your IT support more efficient and cost effective. Our flat-fee approach puts the responsibility back on us and lets you control your budget. Our services give you access to our team of highly skilled professionals, experienced in working in distributed IT environments.

 Business Intelligence Consultancy

Implementing a Business Intelligence project can be a daunting task. Managing one post implementation, can be a more challenging endeavour especially when the IT team is still on the learning curve. We provide support for the entire lifecycle of the Business Intelligence project from conception to maturity. We have a good understanding of the Business Intelligence Maturity Model and can assist you, in every step of the journey of establishing an Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting Environment. Our BI consultants can assist you in establishig a Business Intelligence strategy as you journey towards BI Maturity.

 Enterprise Content Management Consultancy

Just like Business Intelligence, Information Management and Governance goes through phases right from inception to maturity. IZONE can assist you create an ECM strategy and roadmap and implement it as well. We can assist your team in creating the neccesary organizational structures to manage you ECM infrastructure and programme.

 Business Process Automation Consultancy

Competitive pressures, demands from stakeholders and regulatory constraints are driving enterprises to achieve more with less resources. Business Process Automation plays a pivotal role in helping organizations to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, be agile to cope with competition and save time. We have the necessary expertise to develop and or implement a business process automation framework and strategy for your organization. This way your organization can enjoy the benefits of BPA internally and externally with your trading partners accross all fuctional and departmental boundaries.

 Systems Integration Consultancy

Do you have multiple systems that do not talk to each other? Do your business processes that span multiple systems? Do information move manually between systems? Is the integration between systems point to point, ill-defined, unreliable? Then Systems integration is a ideal solution for this scenario. IZONE can help you design your enterprise systems architecture and develop your integration strategy. With our team of experts we can implement your systems integration strategy using a variety of protocols available in our toolset.

 Software Development Consultancy

One of our key strengths are in Software Development. We have invested in our people to enable them develop robust, scalable and high end information systems. We provides consultancy on requirements analysis, systems development and implementation. Our expertise spans accrosss multiple domains namely:- Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare.